Teenage Republicans

Huron County 

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                                                 About Us

Huron County Teenage Republicans is not about being "red", is not about just supporting our party, it is experence, education, and friendship. We learn more from our experiences than in the classrooms, the hands on needs of politics. It has taught us to care about the occurences in our legislature in both state and national affairs. We all work together to help our community and candidates. Together by gaining new experences knowledge and work ethic, we can work for our party to help an organization that helped us.

Huron County Tars Headquarters

Bad Axe MI

 Huron County Tars

      Member List

    President - Kimmy Holzwart

    Vice President - Katie Schweitzer

    Treasurer - Randy Ricker

    Secratary - Kate Kretzchmer

    Webmaster - JJ Auer

    Student Advisors:

    Devin Irion

    Katie Holzwart

    Brandon Errer

    Elene Hill

    Kayla Schweitzer

    Adult Advisor:

    June Schweitzer


    Sara Schweitzer

    Nick Holzwart


    Connor Ewald

    Billy Johnson

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